GV Window Tinting Advantage

Why Choose to Tint?

Tinting has established itself a staple in contemporary living. With UV rays exceeding acceptable levels of exposure, tinting windows and other glass-panel fixtures became industry standards in protecting as well as in securing one’s over-all safety. And this is where our GV Window Tinting advantage comes in.

GV Window Tinting Advantage: Solar Gard Innovation

GV Window Tinting is your tinting professional like no other. We have tinting products that cater to your personal needs and our materials are environment-friendly.

The real deal with our company, however, is an innovation that sets us apart from the competition: Solar Gard.

Solar Gard is an accredited anti-UV ray protection that is acknowledged by the medical community here in Australia as a deterrent to skin cancer.

Unlike other tinting materials, GV Window Tinting incorporates Solar Gard in our products so that you will be guarded against UV ray over-exposure and other health-related risks.

Your Health is Our Concern

Taking a long drive on a hot, sunny day may be appealing to some but this presents health issues and concerns that might put you and your loved ones at risk.

When your skin gets too much UV rays, your body reacts in a way to cool you down so that your bodily functions continue to work normally. Constant exposure to harmful UV rays plus the additional tension your body receives when unable to cool off properly will alter your body chemistry and eventually put it on “emergency status”.

This means your body’s defense mechanisms are working double-time to place you out of harm’s way. If this scenario happens every time then your entire bodily functions will start to dwindle and you begin feeling sick.

Your body is burning up from the inside killing cells that are supposed to be helping you recover quickly and when this occurs, you are now at risk of getting seriously ill.

Tinting goes a long way in safeguarding your well-being by as much as 80% and with GV Window Tinting patented Solar Gard technology, you are protected even more.

Security and Privacy

Your cars, houses, and commercial buildings likewise need extra protection from tinting.

Whenever you dress up your windows and glass doors with GV Window Tinting, you are giving your properties something that most non-tinted properties take for granted: protection of privacy and peace of mind.

Not only does tinting increase the aesthetics value of your cars and buildings, it also increases their level of security making you more confident in occupying them.

Our security films are tough and pliant. They do not easily break and are even sturdier under great stress.

Our house tints, on the other hand, provide peace of mind by giving you that extra level of privacy through our special tints that mimic one-way mirrors: you see what is on the outside but people can’t see what is on the inside.

Tinting Advantage

It is without any doubt that tinting will help you with your health concerns and privacy issues. GV Window Tinting suggests that you consider giving tinting a try to see its benefits.

Our office is in Victoria, Australia and at two locations: Shepparton and Tatura. You are more than welcome to visit us anytime.

Give yourself the tinting advantage.

Hire GV Window Tinting Victoria today and let us suit up your windows and glass panels.

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