Clearshield Pro



The thought of that first scratch shouldn’t keep you from the open road. Show your vehicle to the world and drive it like a pro with the peace of mind of Clearshield Pro. The ultra clear professional-grade polyurethane barrier does more than just protect your paint from the impact of gravel, debris, stones, road salt and insects. Clearshield Pro also protects from elements ranging from bird droppings and acid rain to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun that is proven to fade your vehicle’s paint. It can be applied on cars, trucks, vans, sports utility vehicles or motorcycles whether old or new.

Professional grade means we guarantee performance.

Professional Protection

Clearshield Pro is a virtually invisible, high-grade polyurethane barrier that delivers:
Clearshield-Pro-Brochure-0151CSPRO-AU-rev-2016-04-12• Resistance to impact from gravel, debris, stones, road salt and insects
• Sacrificial technology: easily replace the durable barrier in the event of substantial damage to the film without any harm to the paint finish
• Easy maintenance: simply clean, wash and wax your vehicle as usual
• Colour protection: advanced UV technology – think sunscreen for your car
• Optically clear, brilliant glossy look to make your paint colour shine

Professional Performance

Derived from aerospace technology designed to protect the leading edges of aircraft propellers and rotor blades from rock chips, Clearshield Pro delivers superior protection with a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty, guaranteeing the film:

• Will remain optically clear and stay in place
• Will provide complete and seamless coverage for your entire car
• Won’t crack, peel, bubble or harm paint finish upon removal
• Warranted against yellowing

Like sunscreen for your car with 99% UV protection, Clearshield Pro provides the best professional-grade protection you will never see.

Professional Fit and Finish


You wouldn’t let an amateur fix your vehicle, so why settle for amateur installation? The Solar Gard network of professional installers delivers the perfect, form-fitting, virtually invisible protective barrier every time.

Clearshield Pro qualified installers utilise the power of ComputerCut®, the leading proprietary internet-based pattern cutting system, that custom cuts the high-grade polyurethane film to the exact specifications of your vehicle. Form fitted by craftsmen in the industry puts the “PRO” in Clearshield Pro and delivers the sharpest look and protection available on the market.

Three steps to protection:
1. ComputerCut carefully pre-cuts templates for a custom fit
2. Professional Clearshield Pro installer ensures proper application
3. Clearshield Pro immediately starts delivering virtually invisible protection


Find a qualified installer in your area with our dealer locator and protect your vehicle with professional-grade Clearshield Pro. For more information on the benefits of Clearshield Pro, visit us at:




Chrome Stone Chip Protection

Clearshield-pro applied to this prime mover to protect all the chrome on the lower quarter from stone chips road grime.


Download our Clearshield Pro Brochure 0151CSPRO AU rev 2016 04 PDF